Frequently asked questions

Is there a waitlist?

We do not currently have a waitlist.

Does my child need an autism diagnosis to be seen?

An autism diagnosis is not required for ABA services to be rendered. But, most insurances will only cover ABA if there is an diagnosis of autism (ASD).

How many hours of ABA will insurance usually cover?

Each insurance policy is different in the number of hours they will cover for ABA services. We will collect your information and contact your insurance to verify ABA benefits, whether it applies to your deductible, if there is a co-pay and the number of hours allowed for ABA. You can also contact the insurance provider to find out this information or the HR department for the cardholder's employer.

What results should I expect from ABA therapy?

Like all other therapies, results will vary from person to person. The two major factors in the success of ABA therapy are CONSISTENCY and FOLLOW THROUGH. Therapy sessions need to remain consistent based on the agreed upon schedule and family members follow through with programs and strategies developed by the treatment team.

How do I decide between home and center based ABA therapy for my child?

The ABA treatment team will assist in giving recommendations on which location may best fit based on goals and objectives. Other factors such as time availability, financial commitment and insurance coverage will play a role in this determination as well. But ultimately, the decision is up to you and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. 

How much should we (the parents/family) be involved in therapy sessions?

We recommend a balance between 1:1 therapy and caregiver training. The most influential therapists in your child's life is family and friends thus we want to teach effective techniques and strategies to these individuals to promote treatment outside of sessions. 1:1 therapy sessions are needed to reinforce programs and procedures that are developed specifically for your child and to provide data on the effectiveness of these programs.